Wales Working Group on Invasive Non-native Species

 Welcome to the pages of the Wales Biodiversity Partnership Non native Species Group

Terms of Reference

The overarching aim of this group is to minimise the risk posed, and reduce the negative impacts caused by invasive non-native species in Wales


  • To co-ordinate the response of all relevant sectors in Wales to the environmental, social and economic challenges presented by invasive nonnative species.
  • To provide a forum where policy on invasive non-native species in Wales can be developed and lead responsibilities agreed.
  • To promote the integration of policy and practice across the public sector and other sectors, and provide a framework for action, in particular identifying requirements for advice and research.
  • Contribute to and support wider action on invasive non-native species at GB level.
  • Contribute to and support action on invasive non-native species at a local level in Wales.


  • To follow an agreed programme of work
  • To develop a protocol which ensures the effective interchange of views and information between all relevant stakeholders and enables multiple agency action to be taken
  • To report to Ministers through the Department for Sustainability, Environment and Housing.
  • To prioritise prevention of intentional or unintentional introduction of nonnative species
  • To identify research gaps and co-ordinate research on nonnative
    species issues
  • To ensure that appropriate monitoring and surveillance measures are in place, prioritising particular threats and developing appropriate responses
  • To identify action gaps and promote specific action and projects where
  • To raise awareness of invasive non-native species issues and promote
    behavioural changes in all relevant sectors
  • To develop and encourage the development of education and awareness materials
  • To assess the economic impact of invasive non-native species to link in with work at GB level
  • To identify, advise on and secure sources of funding for the work of the group and organisations delivering actions
  • To support the aims of the Environment Strategy for Wales
  • To develop a rolling programme of reviewing the efficacy of the group

Marine non-native species workshop

A marine non-native species workshop was held at the School of Ocean Sciences in Menai Bridge on 1 March 2010.  Presentations on the identifiation of marine plants and animals are available here:
A training day also took place at Swansea University on Wed 3 March, organised by Judith Oakley (City and County of Swansea/Oakley Intertidal) on behalf of the Wales Biodiversity Partnership Non Native Species Group.
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