Scottish Working Group on Invasive Non-native Species

Terms of Reference

The remit of the Scottish Working Group on Invasive Non-Native Species is to:

  • Coordinate the overall response of public-sector and other bodies in Scotland to the environmental, social and economic challenges presented by invasive non-native species;
  • Provide a forum within which the development of coherent cross-cutting policy on invasive non-natives in Scotland can be pursued and lead responsibilities agreed;
  • Promote the better integration of policy and practice across the public sector and other sectors where appropriate, and provide a context within which specific action can be pursued and current and future requirements for advice and research identified;
  • Contribute to and support the effectiveness of wider action on invasive non-native species at the GB level, in particular through the GB Programme Board.
  • Report to the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change on ad-hoc issues through the Natural Resources Division.

Scope of Group

The Scottish Working Group will consider all matters concerning invasive non-native species.  The definition of invasive non-native species used by the group is equivalent to the definition given in the Convention on Biological Diversity for invasive alien species: “a non-native species whose introduction and/or spread threaten biological diversity.”  

The impact of species at the population level should also be considered e.g. populations of the same species fish can vary greatly genetically between catchments.     


Work programme:

  1. Prioritisation - Identify a set of priorities for action in Scotland - agree lead partner(s) - agree appropriate mechanisms for the further development and implementation of practical measures.   
  2. Coordination of species issues - support rapid responses for control and eradication and facilitate where necessary - provide overview and consideration of management action within Scotland  
  3. GB Strategy - take forward (or input into) implementation of key tasks - consider funding for tasks to help deliver the GB Strategy

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