GB policy

In March 2001 a working group was set up to review invasive non-native species policy throughout Great Britain.  This group was chaired by Defra and included representatives from Scotland and Wales, as well as from other government departments, statutory nature conservation bodies, NGOs and trade interests.

The group made 8 key recommendations for further action, which were set out in A Review of Non-Native Species Policy published in March 2003.  The Government Response was published shortly afterwards and this was consulted on by GB Administrations (Scotland consulted on the legislative measures (Key Recommendation 5 of the Review) during August and September 2003 and on the remaining recommendations between March and June 2004; England and Wales consulted on all recommendations between December 2003 and March 2004).

One of the key recommendations of the review was to designate a co-ordinating body to undertake the role of co-ordinating and ensuring consistency of application of non-native species policy across government. This led to the formation of the GB Non-native Species Mechanism, which consists of the Programme Board, a secretariat, working groups and a stakeholder forum.

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