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Chinese Water Deer, Hydropotes inermis


Short description of Hydropotes inermis, Chinese Water Deer

This is a small, thickset deer with brownish-grey pelage, redder in summer, which is seen often in marshland.  There are no antlers; males have prominent downward-pointing tusks. This species lacks a white rump-patch, and has only a short tail.

Description of Hydropotes inermis, Chinese Water Deer status in GB

Chinese water deer has a limited distribution in GB, being established only in parts of eastern England, with occasional sightings elsewhere.  Around 1500 Chinese water deer were thought to be living in the wild in 2004.  In 2009 there were estimated to be 4000 indivduals in the wild. 

Habitat summary: Hydropotes inermis, Chinese Water Deer

Chinese water deer are associated mainly with wet habitats but also occur in woodland and on arable farmland.

Overview table

Environment: Terrestrial
Species status: Non-Native
Native range: China, Eastern Asia, North Korea, South Korea
Functional type: Herbivore
Status in England: Non-Native
Status in Scotland: Non-Native
Status in Wales: Non-Native
Location of first record: Leckford
Date of first record: 1944

Distribution map

Map of the UK with areas shaded to show the UK distribution of Chinese Water Deer

GB Distribution from NBN Atlas

Author's name:

John Marchant

Last updated:

October 2nd 2019

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