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Bloody-red Mysid, Hemimysis anomala


Short description of Hemimysis anomala, Bloody-red Mysid

Adults are 6-11mm long and shrimp-like in appearance. They range in colour from deep red to ivory-yellow or translucent. Their colour can change in response to light and temperature, and juveniles are often more translucent than adults. They often swarm just below the water surface, and so can be seen as reddish-tinged clouds of thousands of individuals.

Description of Hemimysis anomala, Bloody-red Mysid status in GB

The bloody-red mysid is found at several sites in the English Midlands and especially along the River Trent catchment. Unpublished surveys suggest it is present in a number of English reservoirs, including Rutland Water. It has not been found in Wales or Scotland.

Habitat summary: Hemimysis anomala, Bloody-red Mysid

The bloody-red mysid is found in freshwater and brackish water with salinity up to 18ppt. They seek shelter in rocky crevices and are often found along banks of rivers, lakes and water bodies that have loose stones. They can tolerate water temperatures from 0-28ºC, but prefer 9-20ºC. They avoid direct sunlight and migrate to surface waters during the night.

Overview table

Environment: Freshwater
Species status: Non-Native
Native range: Eastern Europe, Western Asia
Functional type: Omnivore
Location of first record: Erewash Canal, Nottinghamshire
Date of first record: 2004

Distribution map

Map of the UK with areas shaded to show the UK distribution of Bloody-red Mysid

GB Distribution from NBN Atlas

Author's name:

David Aldridge

Last updated:

October 2nd 2019

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