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Check Clean Dry partners include:

Defra, Scottish Government, Welsh Government, NNSS, British Canoeing, Angling Trust, RYA, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage, SEPA, British Marine, British Rowing, Environment Agency, Canal & River Trust.

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Check Clean Dry Biosecurity Partnership

Invasive species cost water companies at least £7.5 million per annum, a figure expected to rise as increasing numbers of invasive species arrive in the country.

In order to limit future costs, maintain services and help protect the environment, eight water companies invested £150k per annum (2017-2020), to tackle aquatic invasive species through an enhanced Check Clean Dry work programme.

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RAPID LIFE project

RAPID LIFE was a three-year project (2017-2020) piloting innovative approaches to IAS management in freshwater aquatic, riparian and coastal environments across England. Through the project, funding was invested in Check Clean Dry towards developing and updating materials and disseminating copies of these across England

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