Are you a Retailer and want to help your customers Be Plant Wise?

Welcome to the Be Plant Wise campaign!
We all know that ponds can be a great addition to any garden and create a wonderful feature to be enjoyed all year round. However, if they aren't cared for properly some common pond plants can take over your customer's ponds. They can also become established in the wild and cause severe damage to the environment. The Be Plant Wise campaign is designed to help you educate your customers about the problems caused by invasive aquatic plants, to encourage customers to seek your advice on the most suitable plants for their pond and to promote better pond management.

If customers choose plants that are better suited to their garden pond and take care to dispose of all aquatic plants responsibly it will help us prevent the spread of invasive aquatic plants.

The following links contains a number of items for you to use to communicate the Be Plant Wise campaign.

You can order a full Be Plant Wise kit (4 x campaign posters, 2 x barkers, bed liners and correx boards, leaflets, 2 x staff lanyards and 3 x floating lilypad POS) by contacting us at this address:

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Here are some ideas on how to use these items:

  • Staff poster - this will help to educate your staff on the main issues of the campaign as well as to provide further details on some specific invasive aquatic plants.
  • Four campaign posters - these will help to raise awareness of the 3 easy steps to being Plant Wise.
  • Barkers - these could be used near relevant pond or gardening equipment to help educate both existing and potential pond owners and enthusiasts.
  • Leaflets - these provide more detailed information on the campaign and some of the invasive aquatic plants currently causing problems.

Thank you for joining and being part of the solution to the problem of invasive species in Britain.

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