Do you own a pond and want to
Be Plant Wise?

Ponds can turn a garden from good to great. They create a wonderful feature to be enjoyed all year round and are often a haven for wildlife. However, if they are not cared for properly some common pond plants can take over your pond. They can also become established in the wild, where they can smother our native plants, clog our waterways, exacerbate flooding and remove oxygen from the water which can harm fish.

This website gives you more information about some of the most invasive species threatening our environment. It also tells you how to dispose of unwanted plants properly and how to get the best out of your pond.

By following three simple steps we can all help the environment and reduce costs.

Know what you grow

  • Information on five of the key invasive aquatic plants
  • Guidance about how to find alternative plants for your pond
  • Links to aquatic plant identification sheets

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Compost with care

  • What to do if you have an invasive plant you want to remove from your pond
  • Tips for dealing with some of the worst species
  • How to dispose of your pond plants
  • How to look after your pond
  • Further advice on the management of your pond plants
  • Further advice on composting and green waste

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Stop the spread

  • Why is the issue important?
  • Link to websites where you can find out how you can help in your area

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