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Help our native wildlife to thrive by stopping the spread of invasive plants!

Most of us have plants in our gardens and ponds that are not native to Britain – they originally came from other parts of the world and have been introduced to Britain by people. While these non-native plants can help us to create beautiful ornamental displays to enjoy, if they escape into the wild some become invasive, harming our wildlife and environment, economy, and even our health and the way we live.

But surely all plants are beneficial wherever they grow?

Plants are vital for our health and environment. They improve air quality, boost our mood, help to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and provide a home for other wildlife. However, the wrong plant in the wrong place can harm the environment, and the damage can be irreversible.

Why are invasive plants a problem?

Invasive plants can harm native plants by spreading pests and plant diseases, and competing for space, light, nutrients and water. This has a wider impact on other species which rely on native plants, including birds, butterflies and other insects, and could threaten the survival of rare plant species.

Some invasive plants harm the economy and our communities by interfering with agriculture and utilities, or make it harder for us to take part in recreational activities such as fishing, sailing or paddling. Others can even affect our health. Read more about the impacts of invasive plants.

Once established, invasive plants are costly to control and the damage they cause can be irreversible. Pond and aquarium plants can be particularly devastating if they escape into a natural waterbody.

How can I help to protect the environment while enjoying my garden?

We all want to look after the environment and our native wildlife for future generations to enjoy. Be Plant Wise by following our three simple tips:

  • know Know what you grow
    Choose the right plants for your garden, pond and water features.
  • stop
  • compost

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