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Invasive garden ant - Lasius neglectus

Invasive garden ant - <em>Lasius neglectus</em>
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Lasius neglectus is a small invasive ant, native to southeastern Europe, Turkey and Uzbekistan. In Europe it is a widespread pest which forms supercolonies that are a nuisance in buildings and can have severe negative impacts on native invertebrates.

In 2009 L. neglectus was discovered in Gloucestershire and it has since been found in several other locations in England.

Often found in and around buildings, in disturbed, urban and semi urban habitats, or places with a high level of plant exchange, such as botanical gardens. Most likely to be spread in soil with potted plants, but may also be transported with garden waste, agricultural materials, or on building materials.

Look out for unusual and persistent infestations in houses or large numbers of small, dark ants during winter. If you suspect you have found this species, collect voucher specimens for identification and contact: pbb502@york.ac.uk

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