Local Action Groups Workshop 2020

On 28-29 January 2020 the GB Non-native Species Secretariat organised the 11th Local Action Groups Workshop, funded by Defra, at Preston Montford Field Centre, Shrewsbury.

The workshop consisted of presentations from Local Action Groups, open discussions and breakout sessions.

Programme (PDF)

Workshop Proceedings (PDF)


Welcome and LAG Workshop update since 2019 (PDF) (Niall Moore, NNSS)
Horizon scanning and Environmental Audit Committee (PDF) (EAC) (Niall Moore, NNSS)
The work Angling Trust does to engage anglers and its volunteers in invasive species (PDF) (Emily Smith, Angling Trust)
Paddlers in Partnership with CRT (PDF) (Richard Atkinson, British Canoeing)
Overview of what the local community red squirrel groups do in Cumbria (PDF) (Julie Bailey, Northern Red Squirrels)
Update on work with Network Rail (PDF)l (Jo Gore, New Forest Non-Native Plants Project)
RAPID Life (PDF) (Alexia Fish, APHA)
The SE RIMP / Priority Species Workshops & Small Scale Control of Floating pennywort (PDF) (Andrea Griffiths, Medway Valley Countryside Partnership)
Mink free East Anglia eradication trial (PDF) (Tony Martin, Mink Free East Anglia Project)
A small community group tackling a big problem - Himalayan balsam in Dyffryn Ogwen (PDF) (Tamsin Fretwell, Tregarth Balsam Bashers)
Operation Giant hogweed (PDF) (John Musham and Jennifer Gant, Tees Rivers Trust)
Signal Crayfish Management at Prior Park Landscape Garden (PDF) – National Trust in Bath (John Walton, National Trust)
Biocontrol research (PDF) (Djami Djeddour, CABI)
An update on Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed biocontrol trials in the Midlands (PDF) (Tarik Bodasing, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust)
Partnership Project Update (PDF) (Nicola Morris, SWLT / CINNG)
Local action with regional impact (PDF) (Nicola Morris, SWLT / CINNG)
Update on Comms and Invasive Species Week 2020 (PDF) – Lucy Cornwell, GB NNSS
New licensing arrangements under the Invasive Alien Species (Enforcement and Permitting) Order 2019 (PDF) (Gavin Measures, Natural England)
Exmoor Non-Native Invasive Species Project (PDF) (Holly Moser and Charlotte Thomas, Exmoor National Park Authority)
Aims and approach of the Yorkshire Dales Biosecurity and INNS steering group (PDF) (Ellie Paganini, Yorkshire Dales Invasive Non-Native Species Steering Group)
New 5 year plan and priorities (PDF) (Kate Hills, South West Water)
Catchment Priorities (PDF) (Rachel Naden, Yorkshire Water)
Participants at the 2020 Local Action Group Workshop

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