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Reeves's Muntjac, Muntiacus reevesi


Short description of Muntiacus reevesi, Reeves's Muntjac

This is a small, thickset deer with reddish fur and relatively short legs.  When disturbed it shows a conspicuous white underside to the tail.  Males have short simple antlers and two blackish lines that run across the forehead towards the snout.  Females and young have a blackish pattern on the forehead.

Description of Muntiacus reevesi, Reeves's Muntjac status in GB

Muntjacs are common and widespread across most of England, especially central and eastern areas.  They occur also in Wales but are not established in Scotland.

Habitat summary: Muntiacus reevesi, Reeves's Muntjac

Muntjac are found in a variety of lowland woodland types, preferring a dense understorey and access to arable farmland.  They can occur in urban parks and large gardens.

Overview table

Environment: Terrestrial
Species status: Non-Native
Native range: China, Taiwan
Functional type: Herbivore
Status in England: Non-Native
Status in Scotland: Non-Native
Status in Wales: Non-Native
Location of first record: Woburn Park
Date of first record: 1894

Distribution map

Map of the UK with areas shaded to show the UK distribution of Reeves's Muntjac

GB Distribution from NBN Atlas

Author's name:

John Marchant

Last updated:

September 23rd 2016

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